Michael Moore: ‘Trump — You Know EXACTLY What You’re Doing’ With Anti-Media Rhetoric

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Filmmaker Michael Moore blamed President Donald Trump’s rhetoric for the bombs sent to prominent Democrats and public figures.

“Trump — you know EXACTLY what you’re doing when you talk the way you talk and threaten repercussions against the media and violence against your opponents and, in your most infamous act of hate, your shout-out to your ‘Second Amendment people’ to take action against Hillary,” Moore tweeted Thursday.

He was responding specifically to the bomb package sent to Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Film Center in Manhattan. (RELATED: Michael Moore: ‘F**k Hope, Seriously, F**k Hope,’ Trump Will Be ‘The Last President’)


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Moore continued, “At 7:18am this morning, just 30 minutes after the news broke of the bomb at Robert De Niro’s offices, you tweeted out your latest threat to the media, blaming them for bringing on this moment of domestic terrorism. You are sick. But don’t worry. A nonviolent, democracy-based cure for your vile behavior is coming in 12 days.”

On Wednesday, the left-wing activist said Trump was “outsmarting the Dems” once more when it comes to the migrant caravan issue.

“So here we have a beautiful aerial shot, picture-perfect for Trump and Republican TV ads–just in time for the Midterms! And everyone falls for it.,” Moore shared. “This is one of the most remote areas of the Western Hemisphere. Try finding a spare helicopter or a drone down there to film this. You can’t. You can barely find a pair of shoes. Trump’s genius is how he once again is outsmarting the Dems.”


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“Trump is using this racist fear tactic to win the Midterms. ‘Hordes of brown people coming to rape and rob you and steal your American way of life,'” he added. “Can somebody please start calling this for what it is? The only way to defeat Trump and his Republicans in Congress is to get everyone to the polls two weeks from today (or in the end early voting states now)! There are more of us than there are of them — BUT WE HAVE TO SHOW UP!”