Study: Nearly Half Of Republicans Feel Bullied At Work

REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Republicans aren’t finding it very easy to work comfortably, according to a new study.

Conducted by Zety, an online resume builder and career website, the new study says that 46.8 percent of Republicans feel that they are being “bullied” in the workplace compared to just 24.1 percent of Democrats.

The study also found other statistics demonstrating the difficulty of being a Republican in the workplace in the age of Trump. (RELATED: The Democrats’ Blue Wave Could Be Breaking As Republicans Surge)

Thirty-nine percent of Republicans feel disrespected by co-workers because of their political beliefs, compared to just 32 percent of Democrats. Thirty-seven percent of Republicans say that they have difficulty working with coworkers because of their beliefs compared to just 32 percent of Democrats.

When it comes to political affiliation, the study showed that half of Republicans would lie about their political affiliation, compared to just a quarter of Democrats. But Democrats are more likely to lie about where they stand on individual issues, potentially suggesting that while being a Republican is not popular, supporting Republican policies is.

As far as specific issues, gun control was the most contentious, with 65 percent of respondents saying that it was a frequent topic of conversation in the workplace, while other hotbutton issues such as racism and gender equality were also frequently discussed.

Zety polled 1,011 people for its study, 52 percent of whom were male, with an average age of 36.

The margin of error for the study was roughly 3 percent.

The full study can be viewed here.