Popular News Station To Piers Morgan: ‘Go F**k Yourself’

Betsy Rothstein | Reporter

Piers Morgan, a Daily Mail columnist, Good Morning Britain host and a former CNNer, has sharp opinions about American cable networks.

On Friday morning he sat on the fence in the ongoing feud between President Trump and the American political press corps.

“The US media is rightly demanding Trump accepts responsibility for using aggressive rhetoric & cools it down,” he wrote. “But the same media has to also accept responsibility for its own aggressive rhetoric & cool it down. The Trump/media war has got absurdly, dangerously, mutually abusive.”

But who is Morgan to talk?

Back on his side of the pond, he isn’t fairing so well in the “mutually abusive” department. A popular TV station decided to sell vicious insults directed at Morgan to raise money for a “Stand Up To Cancer” event.

It’s kind of cute, actually.

Morgan replied, “For the record, @Channel4, – if I could, I would.”

The station replied, “Dear @PiersMorgan. Unfortunately our lawyers wouldn’t allow us to say you’re the single biggest wanker in the history of human civilisation. But you’re in the top 1.”

Channel 4 then tried to make nice for its attack on Morgan.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by your responses to #SU2CRewards and our creative insults, but #StandUpToCancer starts at 7pm so let’s start spreading positivity. We’ll start… @piersmorgan – we actually think you’re ok! Thanks for being a good sport and helping raise some cash!”

But the gesture appeared to be too late.

“Thanks,” Morgan wrote. “I think you’re a bunch of wankers.”

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