OPINION: Smart Women Want A President Who’s Tough, Strong And Decisive — And That’s What We’ve Got

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Suzanne Venker Author and Cultural Critic
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Suburban women support Trump and the GOP because, for most female voters, it comes down to separating Trump’s personality from his policies. I don’t know anyone who likes Trump, per se — as in, would love to have him as a buddy or a spouse — but I know plenty of people who love the job he’s doing as president. And that’s enough.

The times we live in today are not typical times. Deep divisions abound. Safety is not guaranteed. The freedom to speak one’s mind, if it challenges the status quo, is quickly disappearing. These are just a few of the ways in which America has changed.

What that means is that we can’t have just any ’ole president in the White House. We need a leader unlike any other we’ve had before. We need a president who’s willing to call a spade a spade, who says what needs to be said and who does what needs to be done — despite the blowback he knows he’ll receive. 

That’s courage. That’s leadership. And it hasn’t been in the White House for years. Even the two president Bushes, for whom I have great respect, would be too soft for the country in which we now live.

We also need a president who’s tough on issues that have long gone unchallenged—illegal immigration, media bias, due process for all—as well as on the newer, more trendy topics, such as the left’s latest attempt to abolish male and female (as if this were possible). We have that president now. 

America isn’t used to dealing with a leader like Trump — someone who’s tough, strong and decisive. Someone who isn’t swayed by special interest groups and who can’t be told what to do in the name of political correctness. But they like it. They like it a lot.

The fact is, the Democrats have no issues. They have no leg to stand on because the economy is booming and because jobs are being created. People are happy, energized.

The only thing the Left has to undermine the president is to hone in on his occasional antics, which, as uncouth as they may be, are really just attempts to defend himself and this country. The man doesn’t roll over. And that’s the mark of a great leader.

Smart women, well-educated or not, couldn’t care less if their president is nice. And they certainly don’t want him to be soft.

For years, we’ve seen presidents on both sides of the political aisle cave to bullies both inside and outside the United States. We even had a president who thought having beer in the Rose Garden was a way to address racial profiling and who apologized to international leaders for what he believed were the sins of America. 

Can you even imagine President Trump doing those things? Would never happen. 

What women want in a president is no different from what men want in a president. They aren’t concerned with whether or not the guy in the White House has a loose tongue when attacked. That’s not enough — not nearly enough — to denounce him. 

We’ll have to leave that to our harpy sisters.

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