Malcolm Nance: Anyone Who Fails To Call Out The Suspected Mail Bomber Is Supporting Terrorism

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Former U.S. Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer Malcolm Nance said on “AM Joy” Saturday that anyone who fails to harshly condemn the suspected mail bomber Cesar Sayoc Jr. is supporting terrorism.

Host Joy Reid ran clips of conservative commentators and politicians condemning the media’s harsh critiques of President Donald Trump in relation to the bomb Saturday. Nance said their responses “disgusted” him. (RELATED: Democrat Doesn’t Want Pipe Bombs To Distract From Global Warming)

“I’m disgusted this morning at listening to these people. I’ve got it all over my Twitter feed. People coming back saying he was a crisis actor, this bomber. Alright, I’m going to say this once as a counter-terrorism professional: We were attacked this week,” Nance declared.

“If it had been a member of ISIS this nation would have been panicking. But now because it’s a person who comes from right-wing extremism, the same branch that brought us Timothy McVeigh, the greatest bomber mass murderer in American history before 9/11, they want to pretend like none of this happened?”

The 56-year-old Sayoc was arrested Friday on suspicion of sending 12 explosive devices to Democratic politicians, media personalities and other public figures.


“Anyone that says that this wasn’t a real attack, you are betraying your oath to the Constitution. You are acting in an un-American fashion and you are allowing other people to believe that they can carry out this type of attack,” Nance said, adding:

Nance also called out Fox News by name and mocked FBI experts who appear on the network as commentators.

“This is support of terrorism when you don’t call it out for what it is. Fox News brings out FBI special agents and guys who are going to play that party line. These bombs were viable, they were real, they were attempted murder on American citizens.

Nance said Trump’s allies and supporters no longer believe in protecting all Americans and have betrayed their oaths of office.

“We don’t get to select in the armed forces and law enforcement who we want to protect. We protect all Americans. Clearly on the Trump side that is no longer operative. They are choosing who they will protect and defend. Which means that their oaths of office are inoperative.”

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