Sebastian Gorka: ‘Violence Against Those You Politically Disagree With Is Okay’ With Democrats

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Sebastian Gorka on Friday responded to Sean Hannity’s list of left-wing political violence incidents by asserting that such violence is “okay for one party in America and one party alone, and it’s the Democrats.”


On Friday’s edition of “Hannity,” the Fox News host began the conversation with Gorka by relating several instances of left-wing political violence, including protests during the Kavanaugh hearings, and confrontations with Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.

“The left’s silence here was deafening. Then something happens and they say this guy might be a Trump supporter,” said Hannity. “Now we will speak out. It’s hypocrisy. It doesn’t matter where the violence comes from. We settle differences like we can in 11 days at the ballot box.”

“That list that you showed in your monologue is shocking even for somebody like myself who isn’t hypnotized by the fake news industrial complex,” said Gorka. “That list of incidents should be shocking to all Americans. It tells you one thing Sean — violence against those you politically disagree with is okay for one party in America and one party alone, and it’s the Democrats.”

“There is no equivalent of Antifa on the right,” he continued. “And I’d just like to see a fraction of the coverage devoted to what the commissioner called the duds that this dud shipped out by the mail. I would like to see a fraction of that coverage for the president’s former daughter-in-law who was sent to the hospital because of that white powered device that was sent to her.” (RELATED: Vanessa Trump Breaks Silence On Being Hospitalized For Being Exposed To Unknown White Powder)

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