OPINION: DON JR. — American Economy Continues Its Winning Streak Under President Trump

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Donald Trump Jr. EVP of Development & Acquisitions, The Trump Organization
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President Trump has shattered the illusion that America was entering an age of permanent stagnation. Instead, he has guided us on a steady path of unbridled growth and opportunity for all Americans.

The latest GDP report proves that my father’s America First agenda will continue to deliver for the American people — and that the Democrats offer us nothing but division and destitution.

GDP grew by 3.5 percent in the third quarter, far outpacing expectations, and President Trump has now overseen the best back-to-back quarters for GDP growth in four years.

But continuous, strong GDP growth isn’t the only indication that the president’s America First economic approach is a winning strategy. Signs of strength abound across all sectors of the economy.

In September, the unemployment rate fell to its lowest point since the 1960s, and low-income, blue-collar workers are seeing their wages rise. This week, it was reported that the number of Americans on benefits also fell to its lowest level since the 60s, and a new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation revealed that Medicaid enrollment decreased for the first time since 2007.

This stunning economic growth is a direct result of my father’s bold economic policies. President Trump cut taxes for middle-class Americans, took a hatchet to the suffocating economic regulations of the Obama years and renegotiated bad trade deals to get a fair shake for the American worker.

The news of the latest quarter of expectation-shattering growth serves as a complete validation of the President’s vision — and a dire warning of what’s at stake if the Democrats are ever handed back the reins of power.

Former President Obama and the Democrats repeatedly told us that anemic growth of around 2 percent was the new normal. This was merely a messaging campaign to reduce the expectations of the American people so the Democrats could dodge blame for the poor economic results that they always knew their high taxes and onerous regulations would produce.

The pitiful growth rate during the Obama years wasn’t the result of some inescapable reality of the 21st century. It was the result of the Democrats’ economically destructive, growth-strangling policies. Indeed, Obama couldn’t even manage to meet his own meager projections — GDP growth averaged under 2 percent during his presidency.

The midterm elections are approaching, and Democrats are insisting that they deserve another chance to govern. But when the Democrats control Congress, they only increase taxes and regulations, which leads to lower wages, fewer job opportunities, and more Americans dependent on welfare and food stamps.

Congressional Democrats have already made it clear that repealing the President’s game-changing tax cuts will be at the top of their agenda if they win the midterm elections, and that would just be the start of their economic sabotage.

My father and the GOP have taken us down a better, much more inspired path than the Democrats have to offer, which we must continue to travel by supporting Republicans on November 6.

Donald Trump Jr. is the eldest son of President Donald Trump and the Executive Vice President at The Trump Organization.

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