CNN Claims They Never ‘Directly’ Blamed Trump For Pipe Bombs

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CNN claimed on Monday that they never “directly” blamed President Donald Trump for the pipe bomb sent to them last week, but a number of chyrons on the network suggest otherwise.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said during a press briefing on Monday that “it’s irresponsible of a news organization like yours to blame responsibility of a pipe bomb that was not sent by the president — not just blame the president, but blame members of his administration for those heinous acts.”

CNN tweeted shortly after the briefing negating Sanders’ characterization of their coverage of the bomb scares, writing, “CNN did not say [Trump] was directly responsible for the bomb sent to our office by his ardent and emboldened supporter.”

CNN President Jeff Zucker suggested that Trump’s rhetoric was to blame for the bomb scares last Wednesday, saying in a statement that “words matter.” (RELATED: CNN’s John King Claims No One Is Blaming Trump For Bomb Scare, Guest Immediately Does Just That)

“There is a total and complete lack of understanding at the White House about the seriousness of their continued attacks on the media,” Zucker said.

CNN also featured a number of chyrons last week after the bombings that tied the president’s rhetoric to incitement of violence and implied that his words could have emboldened the bomb scare suspect.

CNN: Trump Won't Take Responsibility For Bombing (Screenshot Provided To TheDC)

CNN: Trump Won’t Take Responsibility For Bombing (Screenshot Provided To TheDC)

The network also repeatedly noted that all of the people who received pipe bombs — including former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and left-wing billionaire George Soros — are people that Trump has criticized.

CNN Chyron On Serial Bomber’s Targets (Screenshot Obtained By TheDC)

Here are a number of CNN chyrons that implied Trump is responsible for the bomb scare:

CNN: Serial Bomber Went After Trump’s Targets (Screenshot Provided To TheDC)

CNN: ‘Fake News,’ Real Consequences (Screenshot Provided To TheDC)

CNN: ‘Fake News,’ Real Consequences (Screenshot Provided To TheDC)

CNN: Politics of Fear (Screenshot Provided To TheDC)

CNN: No Understanding From WH About Trump’s Rhetoric (Screenshot Provided To TheDC)

CNN: Trump Attacks Media (Screenshot Provided To TheDC)

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