Clemson Hosts ‘Create Your Own Gender Adventure’

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Mitchell Gunter Freelance Writer
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Interested Clemson University students will be able to “create a new gender” as a part of an upcoming event titled, “Lara Americo: Create Your Owner Gender Adventure Student Workshop,” slated for Nov. 14, and hosted by the school’s Gantt Multicultural Center.

“Have you ever consciously created your gender? We create gender every day whether we realize it or not,” the event’s description declares on the university’s website. “When we wake up, with clothes and mannerisms, we perform and create gender. In this interactive presentation, we will create a new gender. What will yours be?”

Lara Americo, the individual hosting the event, is described as a social justice activist. “In my talks, I give audiences tools to help them understand the often complex topic of gender identity and breaking the gender binary, allowing them to understand my own personal experiences within a collective survey of the LGBTQ community,” Americo’s website states.

Furthermore, Americo’s website provides a description and video of a previously performed “Create Your Own Gender Adventure” at the Nasty Woman United Fest 2018 in Manhattan, New York City. (RELATED: ‘We Started Jumping And Boom’: 30 People Injured At Clemson Frat Party)

“My name is Lara Americo, and this is not performance art, I promise. This is a science experiment, and like every proper science experiment, you need a human subject, and I am your human subject for today,” Americo stated in the video of the NYC event, adding, “In this experiment, we are going to create gender.”

Laying out various clothes and make-up, Americo told the audience, “we’re gonna use these things to create a new gender, and hopefully by the end of this experiment, we will have a brand new gender that we can name, and you can have it too if you want it.”

Continuing, Americo selected three volunteers from the audience, stating, “So, I’ve got all these clothes and stuff, and what I need you all to do is put a combination together so I can have a new gender.”

After donning jeans, an orange sweater, and a Snow White, princess-style dress selected by the volunteers, Americo declared, “So, we have male, we have female, we have gender nonconforming, we have many, many different labels for gender, but this particular gender that we have created today together, what should it be named?”

“Hoe White!” one audience member loudly suggested. “Hoe white! There you have it, my gender is Hoe White. I’m very proud of it,” Americo responded.

Concluding the event, Americo told attendees, “Now, what you have to do when you go home, you have to look at your clothes, look at your expression, and create your own gender, because the reality is, you create it every single day,” adding, “maybe you don’t even realize it.”

According to Americo, who offers other programs such as “Trans 101,” “Trans/Queer History,” and “Creating Safe Spaces,” “The Gender Adventure and the talks range from $2-5000 depending on the length and content.”

The Daily Caller reached out to event contact Ciera Durden, the associate director for multicultural community development regarding the event’s content and funding source, but did not receive a response in time for publication.