People Are FURIOUS I Called For A College Football Team To Be Suspended. Here Are The Best Reactions

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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People are not pleased I demanded the NCAA suspended Northwestern after they upset Wisconsin this past weekend.

For those of you who might have forgotten, I said Northwestern had to be suspended after storming the field. If you storm the field after beating this Wisconsin team, then you simply don’t deserve to play. That’s simply a fact, and don’t care how you feel. However, people were not pleased. The reactions were absolutely out of control. (RELATED: This College Football Team Should Be Suspended Immediately For Their Horrific Actions [VIDEO])

The best responses are below:

  • I think David’s articles are hilarious — even though I’m a Sparty who gags on those squeaky cheese curds and thinks Wisconsin “lakes” are nasty and filled with cow-shit — and I enjoy reading them. He loves his team and I respect that…
  • Do you need a hug? So the 20th ranked Badgers got pantsed by the unranked Wildcats. Looks like the Badgers need more practice and learn to use the Heimlich Maneuver.
  • The only embarrassment here is you whining about the way the fan base chose to celebrate their unranked team beating your “beloved” 20th ranked Badgers. Seriously, grow the hell up already!
  • When a football team from Wisconsin is beaten, a national day of celebration should be declared.
  • I’m not even a Northwestern fan, but had I been there, I’d have stormed the field, too, mainly because I’m sick of your gloating when Wisconsin wins and whining when they lose. Congratulations, your childish behavior has made a Badger Hater out of me.
  • Went from claiming Wisconsin would be national champions to whining about the opposing teams fans when the Badgers lost again. The fall is epic
  • What a pathetic loser! Fire Hookstead, DC!
  • Is Tucker Carlson aware of this idiot?
  • What should actually happen is that David Hookstead should be banned from sportswriting. He is an idiot, and an embarrassment to the profession.
  • Cry me a river, you hysterical, over-reacting hairdresser hack. Less than two months ago, you “guaranteed” Wisconsin was going to be the undisputed National Champion. They won’t be. Then you “guaranteed” Wisconsin was going to obliterate Michigan. Michigan stomped them like they were grapes ready for the press. Now unranked Northwestern rolls over them like they were a high school team and you want to have the NCAA suspend their football program because their fans stormed the field. You are beyond an idiot. Daily Caller must keep you around for comic relief. It sure isn’t for you writing ability.
  • Hookstead once again documents what a fool he is. I could care less about Big Ten Football but seeing Wisconsin lose again made my day. Hookstead needs to focus his ” reporting?” efforts on Hollywood. He is a joke as a sport “reporter”.

Listen, I’m not going to apologize because I believe in having a championship mentality. Storming the field is for absolute clowns, outside of only a very few rare situations. It’s really that simple. I don’t care if you disagree one bit.


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If you came here expecting me to be repentant or apologize, you’re about to be sorely disappointed. There is a better chance I’m a billionaire by tomorrow than there is that I ever back down from my views.

What Northwestern did was 100 percent unacceptable, and it’s proof they’re a loser school. Do you think Alabama would have stormed the field if they beat Wisconsin? We actually know exactly what would happen because it happened in 2015!

Did the Tide storm the field?

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I’m sorry if you all disagree. I guess we’re just cut from two different kinds of cloth. We’re molded from different material. There’s really nothing left to say. Winners stay winning, and everybody else is pushed to the side.

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