Dogs Almost Burns Entire House Down For A Slice Of Pizza [VIDEO]


Jena Greene Reporter
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A dog who almost set fire to its owners’ house is making the rounds on the internet today.

Dahlia, who appears to be a female German Shepherd, was caught on her home security system video surveillance jumping up to access a pizza box precariously placed on the stove top. (RELATED: Woman Caught On Video Going Wild On Disabled Vet And Service Dog [WATCH])

You can watch the whole scene unfold below:

Notice how the other dog (Hendrix) participates in absolutely none of this and just kind of idly sits by and lets the chaos unfold.

I can’t help but put at least some of the blame on the homeowners in this situation. Everybody knows, if you have naughty dogs, you do not leave a cardboard box full of food unattended on a stove top. Because that dog will almost certainly get into said box of food and you will be left with charred leftovers at the very least, or come home a pile of ashes at the worst.

These people are lucky their house is still standing.

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