CNN’s John Avlon Debates Trump’s ‘America First’ Message And World War II Anti-Semitism


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CNN senior political analyst John Avlon debated comparisons to President Donald Trump’s “America First” platform to Nazi Germany’s Kristallnacht, saying a lack of globalism is responsible for a rise in violence against Jews.

Avlon was discussing the Saturday synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh by suspect Robert Bowers that killed 11 and wounded several others on CNN’s “New Day” Tuesday. Bowers reportedly screamed “All Jews must die,” according to KDKA and was armed with two pistols and an AK-47.

“This is part of a geopolitical trend and it’s part of a backlash against globalization — ethno-nationalist forces that are stoking the fires of anti-Semitism,” Avlon claimed. (RELATED: Trevor Noah Says You Don’t Have To Be A ‘Rocket Scientist’ To Connect Trump’s Rhetoric To Recent Violence)

Avlon compared those who want to put America first with World War II isolationists who “turned a blind eye” to racial animosity and the anti-Semitic rise of the Nazis.


“Part of the problem is that this president — you talked about the 1930s and how many Americans turned a blind eye to Kristallnacht and other things.  At that same time was the original incarnation of America first, a group of isolationists that did not want to intervene against Hitler and they were accused of anti-Semitism with great credibility,” he continued. “And this president has adopted that mantle without any apparent caring of that legacy.”

Avlon said Trump is not an anti-Semite but accused him of having no sense of leadership and claimed he lacks a ‘holistic view” of how to solve the nation’s problems.

“So it all flows together. The president is not anti-semitic. And I think having Jared and Ivanka travel to Pittsburgh today … shows a degree of personal investment,” he proclaimed, adding:

“But it’s that lack of a holistic view of the problem or apparent concern about elevating the discussion and really digging in to help heal our wounds — That’s the president’s problem and that’s when he’s shown a lack of intent or curiosity to help lead.”

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