LeBron James Drops The Hammer When Asked About His Patience Running Out

David Hookstead | Reporter

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James gave his teammates a bit of warning that they should probably listen to.

King James and his squad have only won two games so far this season, and haven’t really looked good at all. That’s wearing thin on the three-time NBA champion. He’s not really making any effort to hide it.

“You probably don’t want to be around when my patience runs out. I’m serious,” the basketball legend responded when asked about his patience running out. (RELATED: LeBron James Signs With The Lakers)

I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it again. No matter what you think about James, he is an incredibly straight shooter. The Lakers absolutely suck right now. It’s not even up for debate.

LeBron is clearly nearing the point where he’s just had enough of everything going on around him and players not being where he needs them to be.


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I have no doubt LeBron is not a nice guy when he finally gets upset and loses it on teammates. He’s more dedicated to his craft than anybody in the NBA. It has to be frustrating as hell to see people give less effort than you do when you’re as talented as he is. I have no doubt about that at all.


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The Lakers better figure their stuff out soon. If they don’t, they might be in for the ass chewing of a lifetime from King James.

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