MSNBC’s Schmidt Blames The Right’s Alleged ‘Propaganda’ For The Mail Bomber, Synagogue Shooter

Mike Brest Reporter
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Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt blamed President Donald Trump and the many high profile conservative figures Monday night on MSNBC for the mail bomber and Pittsburgh synagogue shooter.


“Imagine, after a bomb was sent to CNN, the president of the United States goes and says, the press, the free press, is the enemies of the people and then he says, the anger in the country is caused by the press who reports critically of him. What he is saying to the next sick person on the end of the transmission is, if you take an action, it’s because they deserve it,” he began.

“What we are seeing, just as we saw young, displaced, evil or sick or just plain losers be radicalized by ISIS, we are seeing the same thing in the United States right now,” Schmidt said. “These two losers, these two sick people, these two evil people, three evil people, being radicalized by this right wing propaganda industry, and that’s exactly what it is.”

Schmidt then changed topics and moved on to discuss the caravan of people traveling from Central America through Mexico with their ultimate goal of reaching the U.S.’s southern border. (RELATED: Immigration Activist Scrambles WhenTucker Demands He Answer For A Claim He Made About The Caravan)

He continued:

This is Trump’s Reichstag fire, it is a lie, and that the United States military, the most powerful armed force in the world would be deployed at a brigade-size unit level to the southern border to stop this caravan, which is a thousand miles away and made up of women and children, the insinuation that it’s filled with terrorist ands middle easterners, 40% of the country has opted into an alternate reality.

Schmidt then pivoted topics once again to blame conservative leaders and organizations for pushing disinformation. (RELATED: MSNBC Guest Angrily Rails Against Socialism: ‘Dishonest Progressivism’)

“The propaganda industry that [Kellyanne Conway] commands with the vile president that she serves, abetted by Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh and Breitbart and Newsbusters and Judicial Watch and all the rest of them, have blood on their hands for the incitements that they have made that have triggered and radicalized these crazy people. It is deliberate in intent,” Schmidt added.

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