NFL QB Arrested. Here’s What You Need To Know

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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New York Giants gunslinger Kyle Lauletta was taken into police custody Tuesday. reported the following details:

New York Giants backup quarterback Kyle Lauletta — who many fans hoped to see in the starting lineup next week — was arrested in Weehawken Tuesday morning while driving to the team’s practice facility in East Rutherford.

Sources in Weehawken with knowledge of the incident said the 23-year-old was trying to make a right turn from the wrong lane to get to Route 495 West, and was directed to keep going straight. Lauletta made the right turn and nearly ran over the officer directing traffic. He was stopped by another officer at the end of the on-ramp.


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New York Giants fans aren’t going to like this at all. There have been plenty of whispers Eli Manning was about to soon find himself on the bench and Lauletta would be taking snaps on the field. (RELATED: Reports Are Swirling This NFL Team Should Sign Johnny Manziel)

Looks like that’s a hell of a lot less likely now that he’s been arrested. He’s a rookie and getting himself in legal trouble. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s a recipe for disaster and disappointment at the professional level.


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The part about this that makes no sense to me is that he was told to do something by a cop and allegedly blatantly disobeyed him.

Why the hell wouldn’t you just turn the way you’re told to? Seems pretty simple enough and it stops you from getting arrested. Maybe I’m just operating on some genius level by thinking I should listen to the police.

Well, one thing is almost certainly going to happen and that is Manning isn’t coming off the field for this guy in the near future. You can take that prediction to the bank.

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