CNN’s Chris Cuomo Thinks Back On Media’s Coverage Of Kanye West And Says ‘Shame On Us’ For Exploiting Him

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo said members of the media should be ashamed for exploiting rapper Kanye West on “Cuomo Prime Time” Tuesday, saying also that he “didn’t seem well.”

Cuomo brought in fellow CNN host Don Lemon to discuss West’s Tuesday tweets about stepping back from politics, and Lemon expressed support for the rapper dealing with his “issues.” (RELATED: Kanye West Defends His Support Of President Trump To Jimmy Kimmel)

“You know how I feel about this. And I don’t want to beat up on Kanye anymore because — and I don’t mean this in a derogatory way. He’s dealing with some issues,” Lemon said. “And it seems to me from these tweets that he is probably dealing with them, which is a good thing.”

West also said he had nothing to do with the movement to encourage blacks to leave the Democratic Party.


Lemon reacted positively to the news West would be stepping away from the political scene and congratulated him on the decision.

” … He says he supports community, helping people in the community … and saying he’s going to back away from politics. Okay, good. And focus on creativity,” Lemon continued. “All I say is, ‘good for you. I hope you mean it.’ I just wonder what the Trump folks are going to say now, how they’re going to spin this.”

“My guess, nothing,” Cuomo replied. “And if they do have to say anything, because, look, I think it looked like what it was. I think it looked like [Donald Trump] was trotting somebody out. The timing of it wasn’t great, the media of course was all over it, shame on us as far as I’m concerned.”

“And he didn’t seem well. And it seemed exploitative,” he added. “So I think they say nothing. And if they have to say something, they’ll say the enemy of the people barked Kanye out of the game.”

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