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Budgeting is something we all know deep down we should do. Without paying proper attention to our budgets, resources tend to be squandered on what seems important in the moment, instead of used in the service of more meaningful long-term goals. Kualto Money Management makes the process feel like less of a slog. You simply input key information, and it provides accurate, week by week budgeting up to 3 years down the road, so you can effectively plan for the future. Best of all, a lifetime subscription to the web-based tool is currently 83% off, bringing the price down to just $39.99.

Normally $240, this money management subscription is 83 percent off

Normally $240, this money management subscription is 83 percent off

Kualto Money Management: Lifetime Subscription on sale for $39.99

With Kualto, you’ll end up with a clear picture of due payments and anticipated balance so that you’re never caught off guard. You’ll sleep sounder, finally meet life-changing financial goals, and be able to say goodbye to overdraft and late fees for good. Plus, because Kualto doesn’t link to your bank, there’s no data security risk involved.

If you’re looking for some help with your budget, give Kualto a spin. You can currently get a year’s access for $19.99, 3 years for 29.99, or a lifetime subscription for only $39.99 after 83% off.  Plus get an extra 15% off with code BOO15.

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