Joan Walsh Takes Offense When Steve Cortez Calls Cop Killer An ‘Illegal Alien’

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Geoff Harbaugh Contributor
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CNN political commentator and author of “What’s the Matter with White People?” Joan Walsh took offense Thursday night when a former Trump campaign adviser referred to a cop killer who came into the United States illegally as an “illegal alien.”

Walsh appeared on CNN with Don Lemon and former Trump campaign adviser Steve Cortes to discuss a recent campaign video including convicted cop killer Luis Bracamontes.

Cortes claimed, “I’m shocked that we let an illegal alien into this country who then shoots — five times — a black American citizen.”

Walsh quickly cut Cortes off mid-sentence and shouted, “An undocumented immigrant.”

Cortes replied, saying, “He’s an illegal alien,” causing Walsh to shake her head in disgust.

Walsh’s “undocumented immigrant” outburst wasn’t the only time she shouted over Cortes during the segment. When Cortes made the claim that “Democrats want to let people like him stay,” Walsh said, “No we don’t!”

Cortes added, “Sanctuary cities stipulate that known dangerous criminals will not be removed and that local law enforcement cannot cooperate with I.C.E., with federal law enforcement to get known dangerous people out of the country … It’s liberalism and political correctness run amok, sometimes political correctness isn’t just dumb — it can actually be deadly. “

Walsh smeared Cortes for his “sanctuary city” claims. She expanded on her thoughts about who she thinks is responsible for Bracamontes being in the country, saying, “That is really despicable, Steve. I’m sorry. I think you’ve hit a new low … The one person who you can say might be culpable in all this is racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Because in 1998, Joe Arpaio arrested this guy, or one of his sheriffs — arrested this guy on drug charges and they released him without trial. They released him.”