Joy Behar Sits On Audience Member’s Lap — Ana Navarro Makes Light Of #MeToo

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“The View” guest host Ana Navarro made the #MeToo movement the butt of a joke when regular host Joy Behar sat on an audience member’s lap to take a photo on Friday.


Behar, apparently displeased with a photo that had been taken earlier, took the gentleman’s phone and erased the offending photo, promising to take another. Unable to get them both in the frame, however, she gave up and sat on his lap.

“OK, I’ll sit on your lap,” Behar said to cheers and laughter. Still unable to get everyone she wanted into the frame, she complained, “OK, now who is going to press the button?” Cohost Sunny Hostin eventually took the photo for her.

Joy Behar sits on audience member's lap for a photo on "The View," 11/2/18/Screen Shot

Joy Behar sits on audience member’s lap for a photo on “The View,” 11/2/18/Screen Shot

As Behar returned to the stage, Navarro weighed in, referencing the photos and accusations that cost former Minnesota Democrat Al Franken his job. “If you were a Democratic senator from Minnesota, you would be forced to resign after that photo,” she joked. (RELATED: Al Franken Masters The Non-Apology)

“Is that a ‘Me Too‘ moment?” Behar asked.

“It was a Me Three,” Navarro shot back, still laughing.

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