Media Decries Trump’s Illegal Immigration Ad As ‘Racist’

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Reporters are calling a recent advertisement released by President Donald Trump “racist” because it suggests that the migrant caravan headed to the southern U.S. border could contain criminals.

The advertisement, which Trump posted to his Twitter account on Wednesday, blamed Democrats for allegedly letting an illegal immigrant into the country who later murdered police officers. The ad also features video of migrant caravaners acting violently and one member of the caravan admitting that he’s been charged with attempted murder.

Reporters and anchors at CNN, MSNBC, and NBC News have referred to the ad as “racist” and “racially charged” in various news reports.

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer called it a “rather racist ad” and said that he wouldn’t even play it on his show because it is “pretty disgusting.”


“It is a message that is unmistakable. It is a message that is … they’re not even racist undertones, they’re racist overtones,” CNN chief political correspondent Dana Bash said in agreement.

MSNBC anchor Katy Tur said that she would also not play the ad, explaining, “People have played this ad — I don’t think he should play it, because I think it’s extremely racist.”

CNN continued the allegations of racism on their website.

Stephen Collinson, a CNN politics reporter, wrote in an “analysis” piece on Thursday that the video is the “most racially charged national political ad in 30 years.”

CNN: 'Trump Shocks With Racist New Ad' (Screenshot)

CNN: ‘Trump Shocks With Racist New Ad’ (Screenshot)

Reporters Eric Bradner and Fredreka Schouten similarly called the video racist in a headline on a straight news piece published Friday morning.

CNN: 'Trump's Racist Video' (Screenshot)

CNN: ‘Trump’s Racist Video’ (Screenshot)

NBC News couched their language a bit more than CNN, but still referred to the advertisement as “racially divisive.”

NBC: 'Racially Divisive Ad' (Screenshot)

NBC: ‘Racially Divisive Ad’ (Screenshot)

The advertisement appears to try to connect Democratic policies on immigration — such as sanctuary cities and support for amnesty — to criminals being able to take advantage of the immigration system.

Members of the migrant caravan have admitted to reporters that there are criminals traveling with them, and some reports say caravaners are armed and using violent tactics against law enforcement.

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