NFL Cheerleader Kneels During The National Anthem [PHOTOS]

David Hookstead | Reporter

A San Francisco 49ers cheerleader took a knee during the national anthem Thursday night prior to the game against the Oakland Raiders.

The 49ers were infamously the team employing and paying Colin Kaepernick when he decided not to stand for the anthem. This cheerleader apparently felt the need to follow his lead. You can see photos of her below.

Something tells me this woman might be following another example set by Kaepernick, and that’s being unemployed. NFL players can take knees because most of them have guaranteed money. Thus, a team isn’t going to be too eager to cut them during the season with money still on the table. (RELATED: NFL Star Wears Kaepernick Jersey And A Bizarre Anti-Trump Hat. What Is He Thinking?)

However, a cheerleader could be replaced with the snap of a finger. It could be done in a matter of seconds. Imagine the narcissism and arrogance you must need to have in order to kneel as a cheerleader! You’re there to add to the performance. You’re not there to spread your political opinions.

Plus, the whole kneeling situation is kind of dead at this point. There’s a grand total of three players in the league still doing it, and not a single one of them is a star. I have no idea why this woman thought this was a good idea. It’s not 2016 anymore. It’s 2018, and the whole anthem debate is kind of a nonissue at this point.

Not a smart idea at all.

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