OPINION: Is America Sick Of Winning Yet?

Thomas Hicks, Jr. and Curtis Ellis Chairman And Adviser, America First Policies
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If you want to know why to vote Republican on Tuesday, look no further than last Friday.

That’s when the latest economic report showed America added some 250,000 jobs in just one month, beating everyone’s expectations.

Wages rose at the highest rate since the Great Recession, with blue-collar wages rising faster than white-collar wages.

Unemployment is at its lowest level since Americans landed on the moon. Confidence is at its highest this century

Americans are so confident they’re quitting their jobs in droves and trading up for better ones.

Manufacturing is booming. These are the better-paying, wealth-producing, value-adding jobs a generation of Democrats said are gone forever – John Kerry said it in 2004, and Barack Obama sneered it in 2016. President Trump proved them wrong, as he’s done with so many of the experts so many times.

If there’s a problem with the economy, it’s this: There are more job openings than workers to fill them.

It’s the blue-collar middle class Trump economic miracle.

It’s another promise made and promise kept by our blue-collar billionaire president.

To understand why Tuesday’s election will determine the future course of our country, remember that the Democrats have made a different promise: to stymie and obstruct all the president’s policies that have been so positive.

Nancy Pelosi has promised to harass, torment and extort the president.

In a Democrat-controlled Congress, the people’s business would be an afterthought at best while politicized investigations take priority.

The Democrats would raise taxes and regulations to hamstring business and shortchange working families.

They would stop enforcing our border and our immigration laws and put law-breaking criminal aliens before law-abiding Americans.

They would unilaterally disarm in the face of China’s economic aggression and surrender our sovereignty and future to faceless, unaccountable foreign bureaucrats in far away capitals.

They would strangle free expression at home, accusing anyone who disagrees with them of the most vile crimes based no evidence at all, as we saw with the Brett Kavanaugh show trial.

They would boost surveillance of the internet and everything you read and write in the name of stopping so-called “hate speech” that offends their favored supporters.

This Tuesday, we have a choice.

A Republican Congress will have President Trump’s back and advance his “America first” agenda.

A Democrat Congress will have his throat — and yours.

When you get up on Tuesday, go to your polling place and vote Republican as if your life depended on it.

Because it does. And we aren’t sick of winning!

Thomas Hicks, Jr. is chairman of the board of America First Policies and America First Action PAC. He is a partner of Hicks Holdings LLC, a family investment firm with interests in manufacturing, energy services, consumer products and technology. He is also a founder and partner of Scout SSG, a firm specializing in advising and investing in special situations. He was national finance co-chair of Donald J. Trump for president in 2016 and assisted in the transition and inaugural activities.

Curtis Ellis is senior policy adviser with America First Policies. He was a senior policy adviser with the Donald J. Trump campaign.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of The Daily Caller.