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Most American undervalue the importance of sleep. To many people, sleep is waste of time that means less hours of consciousness to be productive. In reality, sleep is critical for brain function and overall health. Improving the amount and quality of your sleep could radically improve your conscious waking life. The GO2SLEEP device aims to help you achieve the perfect quality sleep!

Normally $129, this sleep device is 31 percent off

Normally $129, this sleep device is 31 percent off

GO2SLEEP: AI-Powered Device For Restful Sleep on sale for $88

It all starts with a lightweight device that connects easily to your finger. It’s so small that you’ll barely know it’s there, but it’s also incredibly powerful in tracking crucial information during your sleep. Your fingers are where tons of capillaries are located, making them the perfect place to track numerous health parameters while you’re asleep. You’ll be able to know the timing of your sleep stages, heart rate throughout the night, body movement, and much more.

All the information is gathered and synced to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You’ll be able to read accurate comprehensive reports of your sleep quality with tips and recommendations of how to improve it. Plus, the GO2SLEEP device will also help increase the chances of you unconsciously switching sleep positions to avoid sleep apnea by providing subtle vibration alerts.

Get the GO2SLEEP device today for just $88, which is 31% off the original price. Starts sleeping better today!

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