OPINION: Extreme Groups Think They Can Slip One By Us With George Scott

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Glenn Wareham Owner, Maxwell Homes
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The court-mandated redrawing of Pennsylvania’s congressional districts has created confusion for voters and new territories for incumbent politicians.

Out-of-state liberal groups are seizing on the confusion to try slip one of their own, Democratic House candidate George Scott, past voters in South Central Pennsylvania.

In his general election ads, George Scott is all about bipartisanship. “I’ll work with anyone from either party,” he claims.

The reality, however, is that George Scott is a dyed-in-the-wool liberal Democrat. When you look closer, you’ll find he’s funded and endorsed by just about every strand of liberal Democrat and agrees wholeheartedly with their ideology.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and other national Democrat organizations have pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into South Central Pennsylvania in an effort to put Nancy Pelosi back in the Speaker’s chair.

The Human Rights Campaign has endorsed George Scott specifically for his commitment to the “gender identity” issue and his opposition to protections for churches, religious organizations, and practicing Christians for expressing their faith and refusing to conform to the LGBTQ+ agenda.

He also has an entire section of his website devoted to “social justice.” To George Scott, this includes expanding the “transgender” protections that force businesses to allow males into women’s bathrooms. Whatever you think about the specifics, is this really the most important issue for the interests of South Central Pennsylvanians?

Two of the most extreme anti-gun rights groups, Everytown for Gun Safety and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “Moms Demand Action,” are both behind Scott.

Both groups must have been thrilled with Scott’s primary campaign ad, in which he tosses a .22 rifle — the kind you’d use to teach your kids to shoot — into a bonfire, calling it a weapon “meant for war” after dramatically disassembling it with obvious Hollywood sound effects added in to make it seem more menacing.

While George Scott’s service to the country as a U.S. Army intelligence officer is admirable, his positions on gun ownership is not. He wants to let politicians in Washington decide which guns are permissible for citizens to own, and he opposes arming teachers to protect our schools.

George Scott’s Republican opponent, incumbent Representative Scott Perry, also has a fair bit of military experience, as an Army pilot, artillery officer, and cavalry officer. Perry flew 44 combat missions, served for 38 years that included multiple deployments to Iraq and Bosnia, earned a Bronze Star, and retired as a general in the National Guard.

Scott Perry, unlike George Scott, is committed to our gun rights and is not desperate to prove to New York City gun grabbers like Michael Bloomberg that he has “common sense” on the issue. George Scott’s campaign has more recently scrubbed the “gun burning” ad from its website and social media accounts, but Scott makes it clear that he still supports Mayor Bloomberg’s gun control policies.

Even more disturbing is George Scott’s association with CASA, one of the country’s most radical open-borders groups. CASA is a George Soros-funded organization that advocates for allowing illegal aliens and other non-citizens to vote in American elections, and they’re spending thousands of dollars to help send Scott to Washington.

It’s easy to see why. George Scott wants immediate amnesty for millions of illegal alien adults who came here as children, something CASA has repeatedly — and unsuccessfully — sued in court to get.

Of course, George Scott doesn’t focus on these issues while he’s campaigning for votes. He focuses on jobs, opportunity, and service — exactly the things Scott Perry has delivered for the people of South Central Pennsylvania throughout his three terms in Congress.
George Scott is not a moderate. He’s not “prepared to work with anyone from either party.” His entire campaign is a ploy by Nancy Pelosi and extremist liberal groups to sneak one of their own into the Washington Swamp.

There may be some confusion this election because of redrawn congressional districts, but one thing is crystal clear — Congressman Scott Perry will continue to fight for Pennsylvania.

 Glenn I. Wareham of Newberry Township is Owner of Maxwell Homes.

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