New Study Reveals What Unites Americans The Most. It’s Probably Not What You’d Expect

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A new study from Politico indicates domestic beer is the least polarizing product in America.

Politico wrote the following on the study:

The research confirms some familiar stereotypes — liberals like Subarus, conservatives prefer Chevys—but also reveals some surprisingly wide splits when it comes to beauty supplies, soft drinks and even baking products. Both sides still see almost eye to eye in one category: domestic beer. Cheers!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is music to my ears. I can’t get enough of studies that confirm what we all already know: beer is what makes the world go around.


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It’s the same argument I’ve made about beer and football. Nobody shows up to a tailgate before a big game to talk politics. At least, nobody I know does that, and it’s probably because I try not to associate with complete morons. (RELATED: Is It Anti-American To Hate Shower Beers)

At a tailgate, it’s all about the food and beer. I don’t care if you marched against Kavanaugh, if you’re down to drink a few cold beers, then you’re okay in my book.


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I’m not surprised beer is on the list, but I’m stunned it’s domestic beer. That seems a bit too fringe class for the elitist on both ends on the spectrum. An ice cold Miller Light is about as working class as it gets.

I was starting to think America would be lost forever and our division couldn’t ever be healed. Hope seemed lost. Now, I’m starting to come back to the light. As long as we continue to unite over beer, nothing is off the table.

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