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Whether you’re cutting down, bulking up, or looking to keep your weight, it’s difficult — and frustrating — to track your progress with a standard scale. Rather than dealing with inconsistent results and fluctuating readings, it’s a smarter idea to view your health in a more holistic and accurate light. With the BF1 Body Fat Analyzer, stay informed about your body’s BMI, body fat, muscle mass, and more with one device.

Normally $59, this body fat analyzer is 57 percent off

Normally $59, this body fat analyzer is 57 percent off

BF1 Body Fat Analyzer on sale for $24.99

This advanced scale makes it easy to track your progress where it counts. For starters, while it measures body weight like any scale, it also analyzes and measures body fat, water mass, muscle mass, and bone mass. Meaning, you’ll get a more accurate and holistic understanding of several factors that contribute to your overall health, giving you deeper insight on a regular basis. What’s more, since the scale syncs with the GoHealthy app or Apple Health app, it’s convenient to access all the metrics that matter to you most straight from your smartphone.

On top of all that, the scale — which comes with four AAA batteries — is user-friendly. This means you can clearly see results thanks to its bright LCD backlight. Plus, with multi-user support and the ability to send data to others, this device makes it easy to include your family and hold each other accountable.

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