Texas Football Coach Makes Ridiculous Comment About Rival QB. Should He Be Suspended?

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Texas football coach Tom Herman is apparently a very sore loser.

The Longhorns got beat by WVU this past weekend, and Herman thought the Mountaineers should have lost because Will Grier reached his arm out over the goal line.

Herman told the media, “I thought taunting before you cross the goal line negated a score. I’ve got to brush up on my rules and get some questions answered.”

This is the most neutered comment I’ve seen out of a football coach in a very long time. Is Herman really that dumb or is he just upset? Taunting? Are you kidding me? (RELATED: The Latest AP College Football Poll Is Here. Number Four Won’t Make SEC Fans Happy)

There is literally no universe where what Grier did could ever be considered taunting. Not a single one.


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Herman should be ashamed to even show his face in public after these comments. When you take a loss, you take it like a man. You sit at the podium and admit you got beat. Complaining about a player reaching his arm out, which is a legit football play, is the most bush league thing I’ve ever seen.

If I was the athletic director, I’d certainly entertain the idea of suspending Herman. You can’t have that type of negative energy on the sidelines. You just can’t allow it.

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