CNN Contributor Paul Begala Cracks Sex Joke To High School Students

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN contributor Paul Begala made a sex joke on air Monday morning that left his co-panelists practically speechless.

Begala, a CNN contributor and a former counselor to President Bill Clinton, encouraged young people to vote by telling them that voting is the most fun they can have with their clothes on.


“[Democrats] need to get out and vote. Especially young people — they really tend not to vote,” Begala said. “I was telling Jim [Sciutto] during the break, my 18-year-old son — he just turned 18 — he’s gonna vote with his old man today.”

“His high school class is watching this in [AP Government],” he continued. “This is the key for young people — your parents don’t tell you this: voting is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.”

Paul Begala Talks On Panel (CNN Screenshot: November 6, 2018)

Paul Begala Talks On Panel (CNN Screenshot: November 6, 2018)

“Oh, wow,” one of the women on the set responded.

“That is a bumper sticker or something,” another said.

CNN contributor Ana Navarro asserted that she can think of many things (other than voting) that are more fun, “like internet shopping.”

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