Man Falls Through Roof Of Waffle House And Starts Fighting People. We Have A Lot Of Questions [WATCH]

(SHUTTERSTOCK: By Susan Montgomery)

Jena Greene Reporter
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A man fell through the roof of a Tuscumbia, Alabama Waffle House and started fighting people in what is sure to be the wackiest video you’ll see today.

The incident took place Sunday morning. A 27-year-old man named Wesley Glenn Bost of Birmingham, Alabama fell through the top level of the local Waffle House, and upon landing, began fighting both patrons and employees.

You can watch the chaotic scene unfold below:

Local police tell WAAY Bost locked himself in the restaurant’s bathroom, somehow tied his blue jeans to the door, and climbed up through the ceiling. He wasn’t too careful about his time in the bathroom and apparently broke the sink and toilet during his time in there.

Once he fell through the ceiling, he began shoving people and pushing through a group. One employee can be heard saying, “Don’t go nowhere!”

But he did go somewhere, shoving past the man-made barricade and exiting to the parking lot.

He then made way to his car, where police began chasing him. He soon abandoned the car and fled on foot.

Police, who are working on getting a warrant for the damage Bost caused, say they’re still piecing together what happened.

Pat Warner, a representative for Waffle House, is just as confused as the rest of us. (RELATED: Americans Have Already Raised Over $50,000 For The Waffle House Hero)

“We’re not sure why this gentleman went into the bathroom and crawled up onto our ceiling,” Warner said via Fox News. “However, we are aware that some people may be confused as to the meaning of a ‘drop-in’ ceiling.”

I think everybody’s pretty confused about what happened.

This comes just two months after a woman fell through the ceiling of a Mexican restaurant in California.

And in June, a woman fell through the ceiling of a barbecue restaurant in Tennessee not once, but twice.

Remember when we thought 2018 would be full of flying cars and other cool advancements?

This is so, so much cooler.

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