Several Primetime Shows Hit Season Lows Last Night. The Numbers Are Horrific

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Jena Greene Reporter

The ratings for Monday night primetime shows are in, and almost every show hit a season low last night.

NBC’s “Manifest” hit a season low, with a 1.3 overnight rating. “The Voice,” also on NBC, scored a slightly better 1.7 rating — still considered a season low, however. (RELATED: The ‘Thursday Night Football’ Ratings Are Out. Here’s How Many People Watched The Game)

Over at FOX, the hit drama “911” hit a season low with a 1.2 rating, while “The Resident” scored a 1.0 for the sixth week in a row, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

CBS’s “The Neighborhood” slipped below 6 million viewers for the first time, bringing in 5.76 million viewers and a 1.0 rating overall.

ABC’s ratings were slightly up due to “Monday Night Football,” aired on its affiliate network ESPN. ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” brought in a 1.1 rating, “The Good Doctor” brought in a 1.3 rating overall.


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Here’s a quick explainer on how Nielsen ratings are broken down, per BeOnAir.com:

A Nielsen rating goes by percentage. In regards to a national television show, such as something on NBC, if a program receives a Nielsen rating of 15, it means that 15 percent of the public participating in the ratings service watched the television show. This means the other 85 percent either watched something else or didn’t watch television at all.

In other words, Monday wasn’t such a hot night for primetime TV watching.

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