Election Day – It’s Time To Vote

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On the show today we discuss the end of campaigning and the actual voting. A case is made as to why, even if you’re not interested, why you should go out and vote. It is the only time you get your say and have it matter for the next two years — will it be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, or will the people reject Democrats yet again?

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Today really is the only chance you’ll have to choose whether or not Nancy Pelosi once again regains the speaker’s gavel. Will the politics of fear and anger be rejected or embraced, does the strongest economy in a generation carry Republicans across the finish line or does socialism win? We should have a pretty good idea what the people say by bedtime.

Liberals have been complaining that Trump has been campaigning on immigration and not the economy, like they want to help the president. Well, we have the actual facts of what the President has been saying on the campaign trail and, as usual, they tell a different story from what the media is saying.

Also, a reporter in Michigan was fired yesterday for not knowing how to hang up a phone after finishing leaving a voicemail. What she said about Michigan Senate John James was not the reason she was fired, that is was on tape was. The national media has largely ignored James because he upsets their narrative – he’s black and conservative, and liberals have no use for someone who doesn’t fit neatly into their preconceived notions.

We also talk about this ridiculous idea floated by Ezra Klein of Vox that Democrats could win the “House popular vote” and not regain the majority. There is no such thing as the “House popular vote,” and even if there were there are very good reasons why it would be an irrelevant unit of measure. We explain it all, and debunk the idea that Republicans only got and maintained control in the first place thanks to gerrymandering. Yet another liberal lie, and another example of leftists seeking to change the rules if they lose.

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