Jerry Jones’ Reaction To The Cowboys Not Drafting Johnny Manziel Is Amazing

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones apparently wanted Johnny Manziel a little more than people realized.

Jones’ admiration of the Texas A&M Heisman winner was no secret prior to the 2014 draft. He was very high on the dual-threat QB.

Author Gary Myers recently went on “The Dan Patrick Show,” and gave some great insight into just how much Jones wanted Manziel on the squad.


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He apparently went around the room of Cowboys executives asking them one by one if they thought Manziel was their guy. Then, when his son chose not to draft Manziel, he tore into him for making a bad decision. Watch the segment below.

It really does make you think about just how different things could have been if Johnny Football didn’t end up in Cleveland. Could he have succeeded in Dallas if he had a much better support system and Jerry Jones running the show? (RELATED: Here’s How Many NFL Teams Are Apparently Still Interested In Johnny Manziel)

Say whatever you want about the Cowboys, but they have a hell of a lot more stability than the Browns do. Now, he’s playing up in Canada for the Montreal Alouettes. What an absolutely wild few years for the guy.


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I guess we’ll just always have wonder what could have been instead of the disaster we all saw play out.

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