Pelosi Is ‘100 Percent’ Confident She’ll Be The Next Speaker

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Mike Brest Reporter
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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said she was “100 percent” confident in her plan to become the next Speaker of the House in an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Thursday night.


“I will be the Speaker of the People’s House and the people will hear the commitments he makes and they’ll see whether he can be trusted in that regard. I hope so. As we go forward we want, as I said, an open Congress, a bipartisan Congress, a unifying Congress. We’re not here to divide. We’re here to unify,” Pelosi began.

“You said in the context of your answer I’ll be the Speaker. I’ll be the people’s speaker. What is your level of confidence that you’ll be the Speaker of the House?” Cuomo followed up.

“100 percent,” she responded. “Yes. I sent my letter last night. I didn’t ask anybody for support because I was too busy winning an election. I didn’t think it was appropriate to ask members or candidates then. And how it works, the caucus nominates someone.”

“You don’t think you’ll have to deal with unusual opposition?” Cuomo asked. (RELATED: President Trump Urges Democrats To Keep Supporting Pelosi)

“If I do, that’s politics. This is not a day at the beach. This is politics. Here I am. We delivered the victory because we had the best possible candidates. We had the best possible candidates who inspired the grassroots,” she concluded. “We owned the ground. All the organizations, whether it was about protect our care, protect our environment, all of those organizations worked to elect these people and they want to see results.”

Pelosi’s confidence is not new. She said back in October that she was “pretty comfortable” she’d be the next Speaker.

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