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Afternoon Mirror: FNC’s Brit Hume Takes A Hard Stand On CNN’s Jim Acosta

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Literally had to hold my breath when Trump just a moment ago responded to a question about Michelle Obama, beginning, “Well, I’ll give you a little controversy back…”

— Eddie Scarry, media writer, The Washington Examiner.

FIGHT! April Ryan gets in a tiff with Trish Regan

On Thursday night, Fox Business has Trish Regan let American Urban Radio White House correspondent have it for her interpretation of President Trump‘s scolding of her and two other female black reporters at a press conference this week. At that same presser, Trump was arguably also snotty to two white reporters: NBC’s Peter Alexander and CNN’s Jim Acosta. The White House snatched Acosta’s press pass after Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her team fabricated a charge that Acosta put his hands on a White House intern.

Ryan fired back at Regan Friday morning, saying, “Umm now what did you say previously? Can you say @Yamiche @abbydphillip and @AprilDRyan? Redo your story!”

On a positive note, Ryan got some big love from Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter. Read all about it here.

Where in the world is Jim Acosta?

CNN Acosta banned from WH story still gaining steam 

“Hey MAGA people, just fuck off with your fake ass outrage about a reporter politely refusing to give up a microphone. You literally elected a man who admitted he grabs women by the genitals against their consent. I neither believe nor give one fuck about your idiotic argument.” — Mikel Jollett, editor-at-large, Men’s Health, musician, frontman for LA band Airborne Toxic Event.

“The entire White House Press corps should not show up to the White House until Jim Acosta is given back his credential.” — Michael Skolnik, a civil rights activist.

Journo implores Brit Hume to take a stand on Acosta

Howard Kurtz is a host of Fox News’s “Media Buzz.” Brit Hume is a Fox News correspondent. Matt Cooper is a contributing editor to Washington Monthly and Washingtonian. 

Howard Kurtz: It’s extremely unusual for a WH to pull a full-time reporter’s credentials. Also unusual for a reporter to refuse to give up the mic after asking several questions. (Way to commit both sides-ism Howie!)

Brit Hume: Exactly.

Matt Cooper: Take a stand, Brit? You were a great white house reporter and wonderful colleague, to boot. Hope you’d oppose this credential suspension even if you think he crossed the line from Donaldsonian persistence to boorishness.

Brit Hume: It was wrong and counterproductive to pull the pass. It simply makes the reporter a martyr and more of a hero to those who approve of such conduct, no matter how unprofessional. And a president should not get to decide who covers him.

CNN cat lover Andrew Kaczynski jumped in after Howie’s comment. So did BuzzFeed‘s EIC Ben Smith.

Andrew Kaczynski: “Howie, I’m not the host of “Media Buzz” or anything, but shouldn’t you mention the charge is untrue?”

Ben Smith: Real question is why aren’t you the co-host Andrew.

WaPo‘s Rubin blasts Sanders, says no outlet should hire her 

“Sanders whines that the press is too critical or too mean or something. She can think whatever she pleases, but she is an employee of the American people and has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution like every other White House employee. She has no right to use her office to lie to the American people, let alone to violate the First Amendment. She has disgraced herself and should be denied the normal presumption of good faith accorded to past White House press secretaries. … No responsible news outlet should hire her; employers making hiring decisions have every reason to shun her.” — Jennifer Rubin, conservative columnist, The Washington Post.

Read the whole piece here.

Is Andrea Mitchell calling Jim Acosta ‘a fragile flower’? 

“Ronald Reagan never threw out Sam Donaldson, and George Bush never threw out Helen Thomas, and they were not such fragile flowers that they could not stand up for themselves.” — Andrea Mitchell, NBC News chief foreign affairs correspondent.

VOX‘s Yglesias deletes entire feed after having no empathy 

“Well, if ⁦‪@mattyglesias‬⁩ is never gonna tweet again, then we all owe Antifa a debt of thanks. (after we arrest them, of course)” — Greg Gutfeld, Fox News.

Read all about Yglesias’s Twitter breakdown here.

“Matt Yglesias can nuke his Twitter account to clear his Tucker Carlson garbage, but he can’t nuke that time he compared John McCain to a Nazi supporter a week after he died.” — Ben Domenech, publisher, The Federalist.

Angie Schmitt, a car blogger, tried to explain what is going on with him:

“A bunch of conservatives were dog piling @mattyglesias yesterday and they doxed him right in a reply with his address. I reported it to @jack and they said it didn’t violate their rules. Doxing doesn’t violate Twitter’s rules? WTF?”

Let’s remember what Yglesias said about Tucker Carlson’s wife having to hide in a pantry with 20 Antifa members pounding on the front door of their home:

“I honestly cannot empathize with Tucker Carlson’s wife at all – I agree that protesting at her house was tactically unwise and shouldn’t be done – but I am utterly unable to identify with her plight on any level.” 

One wonders why Yglesias would want to be “honest” about this.

Gossip Roundup 

TMZ: CNN talent can have varying degrees of armed security if they want it. Here.

NYP‘s Page Six: Kathy Griffin and her longtime boyfriend call it quits. She takes a jab at TMZ’s Harvey Levin. “Go back to your bootlicking,” she wrote Levin on Twitter. Here.