Sean Hannity: ‘You Are Not A Conservative If You’re Sending Threats To People’

Fox News 11/8/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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Fox News’ Sean Hannity said Thursday night that anyone who threatens people over their personal political ideology is not welcome in the Republican Party.

The comment was made while he, Dan Bongino, and Sebastian Gorka were condemning the harassment of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night. (RELATED: Mob Outside Tucker’s Home Has A History Of Harassment And Violence)


“Yes! Any condemnation was universal on our side. People have to speak out and draw a redline against this. What happened at Tucker’s house last night was an abomination, it was disgusting,” Bongino stated.

“And let me say, there was a report on Mediaite, Dr. Gorka, tonight that a CNN anchor apparently is receiving threats. No conservative — we don’t want you, you are not a conservative if you are sending threats to people. Period. We have no room for it,” Hannity followed up.

As Hannity noted, the Baxter County Sheriff’s office arrested Benjamin Craig Mattthews, 39, on “charges of Terroristic Threatening and Harassing Communications.” Matthews reportedly made more than forty calls to CNN ranging from general harassment, threat of bodily injury, and calls threatening the life of a CNN’s Don Lemon.

This arrest comes nearly two weeks after Cesar Sayoc Jr. was arrested for sending and addressing packages with pipe bombs to multiple Democratic leaders and CNN offices.

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