Democratic Strategist Says Democrats Are ‘Going Backwards’ And Can’t Compete

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Democratic strategist Bryan Dean Wright said Democrats are “going backwards” and have lost their ability to compete in red states, on “Fox & Friends” Friday.

Wright claimed Republicans have the advantage by controlling the Senate because they can appoint judges who will uphold President Donald Trump’s executive orders.

“The House and the Senate are supposed to propose and pass legislation. The president signs it or vetoes it. But that’s not how it works anymore in Washington,” Wright said. (RELATED: DNC Chair Tom Perez Says Democrats Are Willing To Work With Trump)

“How it really works is the president on the most divisive issues puts forward executive orders and then have you judges that rule for or against it. So how our nation’s governed is by the bench, the judiciary,” he continued. “And who controls that and who controls the Supreme Court and the federal judgeships? That belongs to the Senate in selecting and nominating and moving forward these folks on the bench.”


Wright said Democrats can try to block Trump’s agenda in the House, but the actual power will rest with Republicans in the upper chamber.

“The Democrats can have the House all day long. But most of the real power in shaping the future of this country rests in the Senate. And we don’t control — in fact, we lost seats,” he said, adding:

“We lost Missouri. We lost Indiana. We are doing — we’re going backwards. So, if Democrats really want to have a voice in this country they’re going to have to compete in red states and that ain’t happening with people like [House Minority Leader Nancy] Pelosi.”

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