Former College Basketball Star Scores Sickening Amount Of Points In Overseas Game

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Jimmer Fredette scored 75 points in a CBA game over in China this past weekend.

The BYU basketball legend chucked up 34 shots and hit 24 of them on his way to scoring 75 in a losing effort for the Shanghai Sharks.

Check out the highlights from the event below.

I’m glad to see Fredette is getting buckets overseas. He’s making a ton of money and is dominating. He was so much fun to watch in college. He was a blast during his days playing for the Cougars. (RELATED: Remember Basketball Star Jimmer Fredette? He Just Pulled Off An Incredible Accomplishment)

It’s not a bad deal at all to be making millions of dollars and score an insane amount of points as the face of a Chinese team.


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His NBA career might not have gone as well as he liked, but I’m sure he’ll sleep just fine at night. Plus, the level of play in China is very impressive. It’s one of the best leagues in the world, and it pays incredibly well. If you can get into the CBA as an American, it’s absolutely worth doing. You’re treated like royalty and make more money than end of bench players in the NBA.


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Cant wait to see if he keeps pouring it on.

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