2 Warriors Stars Clash At The End Of Stunning Loss. Here’s Why

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

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When superteams form, sometimes their egos get the best of them.

That’s why the Golden State Warriors team has been so impressive after the past few seasons. But when there are four superstars and just one ball, tension is destined to flare at some point, and that’s exactly what happened with the Warriors at the end of regulation on Monday night. (RELATED: LeBron James Hangs On The Rim, Doesn’t Get Called For A Tech)

The tension between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green spilled over to the overtime period, which resulted in a 121–116 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers.

This is as much tension as we have seen from the Warriors over the past few seasons, and with rumors about Durant’s future persisting,  it’s possible that things could deteriorate in the Golden State locker room.

The Warriors are so immensely talented that it would take something calamitous to keep them from winning their third straight title. We’re not there yet, but the body language of the Warriors will be something to monitor going forward.

Steve Kerr just might have his toughest coaching job yet.