Ohio State University Students Shout ‘John McCain’s Dead’ At Ben Shapiro Lecture

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Ohio State University student protesters chanted “John McCain’s dead” and “Reagan’s dead” outside the venue where conservative commentator Ben Shapiro was delivering remarks on Thursday.

Federalist editor Emily Jashinsky shared video via Twitter provided to The Federalist by Young America’s Foundation:

YAF, which is sponsoring Shapiro’s college campus tour, told The Federalist that the protesters also chanted “Bush Senior’s dead” until they apparently realized George H.W. Bush is still living.

Another video from YAFs Twitter page shows marching protesters chanting “F*ck Ben Shapiro,” although they were reportedly not able to interrupt the conservative commentator’s lecture. (RELATED: WATCH: Ben Shapiro Slams Identity Politics And Violent Protests)

Jashinsky reported:

The foundation also authenticated an email sent earlier on Tuesday to students in the school’s Morrill Scholars Program, asserting that Shapiro’s “rhetoric has the potential to threaten the emotional and mental safety of much of the campus community.” The message, signed by the program’s student advisory council, also noted anyone without a “safe space” or who didn’t “want to be alone” was welcome to gather with other students and staff from 5 to 8 p.m.

After protesters beat on the doors of the Supreme Court at Justice Kavanaugh’s swearing-in and confronted GOP officials in restaurants, the protests at Ohio State University appear to simply be the latest in a long line of attacks against conservatives.

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