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You might feel like brewing your own beer is out of reach. It can seem a bit daunting if you’ve never tried, but brewing beer is essentially just a matter of boiling grain & hops, adding some yeast once the wort cools, and then letting it ferment. These beer kits simplify the task for beginners by including all the materials you need and a recipe to make an Oktoberfest Ale or a Hefeweizen, along with a handy guide on the brewing process.

Craft Beer Homebrewing Kit — $45

From the malt to the yeast, to the carboy to the sanitizer, these kits leave no stone unturned. The experience of making your own beer will not only reward you with a tasty drink, but also with the knowledge you need to continue, experiment, and ultimately come up with your own recipes. The included brewing guide will serve as a useful reference, and all of the gear you use for the initial beer will put you in good stead for future brews.

Always wanted to brew but felt like it would be too difficult? Take a look at these streamlined kits. They’re currently $45 for Daily Caller readers at the shop.

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