This Tweet About The Heroes In The California Fires Will Restore Your Faith In America

REUTERS/Stephen Lam

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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One viral tweet about the California fires will bring a smile to your face.

Melody Gutierrez of The San Francisco Chronicle tweeted out a photo of a man rescuing a horse with the caption, “There is a group of cowboys rushing around Paradise saving animals. I watched as they went to a home leveled in not knowing what to expect. Huddled together were eight horses, two with burns. They loaded them, drove outside fire barricades to the grateful owner.”

It’s moments like this that remind us all there is still a lot of good left in humanity. The fires sweeping across California are something straight out of hell. They’re horrific, and more than 40 people have already been confirmed dead.

The fires are a level of carnage and destruction I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy or anybody else. Yet, even in the worst of times it’s possible to find a light shining through.

The brave men tweeted out by Gutierrez are exactly that. They’re a shining light in a moment of utter darkness. (RELATED: HBO’s Greatest Show Gets Tragic News After California Fires Burn Wild)

They went above and beyond any reasonable expectation, and their actions without a doubt saved these horses.

Next time somebody tries to tell you there is only darkness in the world, point to this picture as proof they’re wrong. There are plenty of good people out there willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the correct action is made.

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