College Football Coach Adds Epic Portrait To His Office. Proves He’s A Legend Once Again

(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Washington State football coach Mike Leach proved, once again, he’s an absolute legend.

Leach hung up the viral fake “Seinfeld” portrait of himself shirtless posing in underwear in his office. It’s just as funny as you’d expect, and the image of him posing in front of it is laugh-out-loud funny.

Serious question for everybody out there: What is wrong with you mentally if you’re not a fan of Leach and all his incredible antics? (RELATED: The Latest College Football AP Poll Is Here. Do You Agree With Number Three?)

Not only is he a rant machine, but he also clearly has an outstanding sense of humor. How many other coaches would hang a fake portrait of themselves up? Probably not many.

I don’t want many things in life. I’m okay with a little bit of money in the bank, solid food and access to college football.

Having said that, if it’s my dying wish, I want Leach at a top 10 college job at one point in his career. He needs more exposure to keep saving the soul of this great nation. Some brave athletic director out there needs to get it done!

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