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Morning Mirror: Ex-WH Press Sec. Dings Acosta, Says He Goes ‘Too Far’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Who knows who the hell’s in charge?” 

— CNN Democrat commentator Paul Begala on first lady Melania Trump‘s involvement in the firing of the Deputy National Security Adviser Mira Ricardel. Begala asked the question during an appearance on CNN’s “The Lead” Tuesday afternoon.

Melania has ‘power’ 

“Melania has a lot more power than people think. She lobbied hard to get rid of Reince and Spicer. Like Trump, she’s also obsessed with the news coverage.” — Tara Palmeri, ABC News.

Two reporters: One STRANGE convo on GChat 

Jake Sherman is a co-writer of Politico’s Playbook. Dylan Byers is a media reporter for NBC. 

JAKE SHERMAN: “A convo I just had w @DylanByers on gchat.

Me [Jake Sherman]: ‘I’m not happy.’

DYLAN BYERS: ‘You’re at your best when you’re not happy. Professionally, anyway.'”

AxiosJim VandeHei, Shermy’s old boss, jumped in to offer advice: “I would advise you seek therapy directly from @BresPolitico – the guys a walking mood lifter.” (He’s referring to the usually cantankerous Capitol Hill scribe John Bresnahan.)


President Trump on Tuesday afternoon: “It’s amazing how people can talk about me but I’m not allowed to talk about them.”

The latest on CNN’s lawsuit against the White House

“Ted Olson, attorney for CNN and @Acosta: ‘The First Amendment is absolutely necessary. It is the public’s window into what public officials are doing. Journalists cannot be silenced, censored or intimidated. That’s the end of the line. The White House cannot get away with this.'” — CNN Communications.

Former WH press sec. says Acosta hurts all White House reporters 

“On Acosta, I can’t defend his behavior. He uses his position in the briefing room to espouse pesonal [sic] points of view. ‘It’s not an invasion’ he said re the caravan. His job is to ask challenging Qs, not argue for his POV. He goes too far and hurts the rest of the press corps.” — Ari Fleischer, former White House press secretary under George W. Bush.

A Forbes‘ reporter snarked, “Nobody cares what you think, Ari.” — Pedro Nicolace da Costa.

Fleischer also stated: “Acosta has access to the White House, the same every other opinion writer or op-ed writer has. He remains a member of the press corps and he can apply for a daily WH press pass. The only thing he lost is a hard pass, which clears him daily w/o need for a day pass.”

NYT Peter Baker wrote, “As Ari knows, there is a huge difference between having a permanent pass and having to ask permission every day to come into the building at the sufferance of the White House staff. Doing his job would depend on the White House judging whether he “behaved” well the day before.”

Congresswoman needs a home — so why not HGTV? 

“Can we just have a House Hunters episode with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and get it over with?” — Amber Athey, The Daily Caller.

She’s got a point…

“Don’t talk about your shitty job like it’s the fuckin’ holy grail and everyone who’s reading your tweets is probably a moron who should fuck off and learn to write.” — Libby Watson, politics reporter, Splinter News.

What caused her outburst? Sports Director Kevin Manahan wrote the following: (Bolding is mine.)

“NJ Advance Media looking for a digital sports journalist to cover the Philadelphia 76ers. The part-time position (monthly stipend) includes covering practices, shoot-arounds, home games and occasional travel — if you prove you’re worth the investment.”

“Contact me if … You have covered a pro or college team (and not from your basement). You know the difference between ‘reporter’ and ‘content creator,’ and you can do both. You have a tireless work ethic. You can write sentences. You know what a sentence is.

“You know the NBA and/or the Sixers. You can ask tough questions. You’re not the reporter standing outside the pack recording over everyone else’s shoulders. You’ve heard of Twitter. You pay attention to what fans are talking about on social media or sports talk radio.”

“You react quickly to news. You want to do the job — more than you want a press box seat and a business card that says ‘sportswriter.’ You are ready for a great opportunity. Dazzle me with your brilliance in an email to”

Gossip Roundup 

Politico: ‘Donald Trump and Jim Acosta, a Love Story.’ “By getting Acosta to play the preening, self-aggrandizing, sanctimonious reporter and using him as the punching bag for the White House’s anti-press strategy, Sanders and Trump have created a unique public venue to exhibit their hatred for the ‘fake news’ of CNN.”

Read Jack Schafer‘s story here.

NYP Page Six: NBC “TODAY” show rating’s go up after Megyn Kelly‘s departure. Here

Express UK: Queen Elizabeth II finds a strange bug in her salad. Here.

TMZ: LA’s ‘Bachelor’ mansion used on the show somehow survives the wildfires. But beware of looters. Here.

Travel Bitches

“Just over here logging another twelve miles trekked across O’Hare and another two hours waiting for a delayed flight. I think I’ve spent more time in this building than I have in any place aside from my homes and workplace.” — Alexandra DeSanctis, staff writer, National Review.

HuffPost reporter has a mouse situation 

“Another mouse update — I woke up screaming this morning because I had a dream that the mouse turned into a very large rat and had very casually climbed into my bed.” — Ashley Feinberg, reporter, HuffPost

Previously… “Mouse update: i bought peppermint oil to help keep it away and I absolutely used too much.”

A few days ago… My favorite game to play is ‘was that flicker in the shadow just me blinking or is there a mouse in my apartment and now I’m too scared to sleep for a month.'”

Journo Hate: Actress Ellen Barkin unleashes awful tirade at NYT‘s Maureen Dowd — ironically, it’s about hate 

“Maureen Dowd the only human I’ve ever read you not fatuously attack is x-First Lady Laura Bush. You’ve got a friend! Maureen Dowd, is there anyone you do not hate? Anyone at whom you do not spew your misguided vitriol? Anyone, just one? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?” — Ellen Barkin.

Chelsea Handler lets ‘asshole’ have it 

“Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to evacuate from the CA wildfires. If you have room to house evacuees, or need housing, go to Airbnb’s Open Homes platform to offer or find help. Would be so appreciated. [See here.]” — Chelsea Handler, lefty activist, comedian.

A follower wrote, “So generous with other people’s money. How many airbnb did you rent yourself. Nothing cheaper than a good idee [sic].”

Handler replied, “My house is available for people to stay, Asshole.”

The Observer 

“It’s not stunning a First Lady wants a staffer gone. That happens. What’s stunning is Melania couldn’t get it done privately, behind closed doors. She went to DEFCON 1 and forced her husband’s hand publicly. His choice is capitulation or embarrass her publicly. (More than usual.)” — Philippe Reines, longtime communications aide to Hillary Clinton.

He added a piece of advice: “Mira Ricardel should exit the White House wearing Melania’s ‘I really don’t care do u?’ jacket.”

Journo is vacationing — don’t bother her 

“Officially on vacation! don’t @ me don’t email me don’t text me.” — Zerlina Maxwell, senior director of progressive programming, SiriusXM.

A Q for Greta Van Susteren 

Van Susteren formerly worked for Fox News and MSNBC. She’s the author of Everything You Need To Know About Social Media.

A follower named Rick asks, “Would you sign onto a news outlet if @BillOReilly & @megynkelly followed your show to recreate the old Fox News lineup?”

GRETA:  I really don’t know either one of them ..I would sign on if I had sufficient resources to do a good job for you and if management didn’t try to get me to tilt the news which the FCC calls heinous ..and is now called ‘fake news’

Linda says, “Time to come back to Fox.”

GRETA: Rupert and I locked horns (and I am half responsible)…he would have to sell Fox. [smiley face].