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This Is The World’s First AI-Powered Automatic Toothbrush

Photo via BABABHU

Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce

By this point, everybody knows that electric toothbrushes are more effective at cleaning your teeth than their analogue counterparts. Yet, the mere fact that you use an electric toothbrush does not absolve you of your insufficient brushing methods. Sorry, your 15-second brushing routine before you grab your coffee and rush out the door isn’t cutting it — electric toothbrush or no electric toothbrush.

No matter what, people are always going to brush incorrectly. So instead of wasting time attempting to educate them (or yourselves) on proper brushing techniques, why not try a new strategy. In fact, why not try a whole new toothbrush. One that completely changes the game. That’s what BABAHU, a dental care brand, did with the BABAHU X1. It markets itself as the world’s first AI-powered automatic toothbrush.

Get 58 percent off by preordering now (Photo via BABAHU)

Get 58 percent off by preordering now (Photo via BABAHU)

Babahu X1 – World’s Smartest Automatic Toothbrush — Pre-order now

With the BABAHU X1, you’ll brush your teeth both efficiently and correctly with its innovative U-shape design and cutting edge AI technology. Here’s how it works: Squeeze the toothpaste into the mouthpiece, place it in your mouth, and power it on. That’s it! Automatic brushing will commence, leaving you with totally free hands. And it won’t just brush willy-nilly. The intelligent partitioning algorithm will divide your teeth into different areas and brush them at the appropriate frequencies.

The BABHU X1 uses the Bass Technique, recommended by more than 80 percent of dentists. 6D super soft bristles cover your teeth from six sides with a specific 45-degree angle.

Photo via BABAHU

Photo via BABAHU

As one would hope with such a device, the BABHU X1 is waterproof and durable (with FDA-approved edible silicone). It features Qi wireless fast charging and can last 30 days on a 2-hour charge. BABAHU offers three different sizes of mouthpieces, depending on one’s age.

Okay, you’re thinking. This sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch? The only catch (if it can even be called that) is that the BABAHU X1 is not quite available yet. Soon! It is pre-launched on Indiegogo, and you can sign up now and receive the early bird discount of 58 percent off. That more than makes up for the waiting, methinks.

Photo via BABAHU

Photo via BABAHU

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