Afternoon Mirror: The Ladies Of ‘The View’ Are Destroyed Over Avenatti

Betsy Rothstein | Reporter

Quote of the Day: 

“People keep giving me directions to the spouse and intern events instead of the ones for members of Congress.” 

— Democrat Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The Intercept‘s D.C. Bureau Chief Ryan Grim: “I can verify that she does not know her way around the Capitol complex, if anybody needs a white guy’s word on it.”

CBS News’s Ed O’Keefe: “Amen. But, she’s not the first member of Congress to have this problem. Plenty of male and female members in both parties have been mistaken for interns or staffers — and yes, for spouses.”

Joy Behar is ‘very upset’ about Avenatti news 

Stormy Daniel’s lawyer Michael Avenatti was arrested Wednesday on a domestic violence inquiry. He has been released on bail. He has denied the allegations. He says no charges have been filed against him. 

“It was very upsetting to hear this, very disappointing. If it proves to be true, I will disavow him.” — Joy Behar, co-host, ABC’s “The View.” Behar said Avenatti needs to take a polygraph test.

“If this is true, I think he deserves to be raked through the coals,” said co-host Abby Huntsman, quickly adding that she is a “true believer” in “due process.”

“I was very disappointed as well,” said co-host Sunny Hostin, adding that a police spokesman said a woman had physical injuries and there was probably cause for arrest. “I’m so disappointed. …I agree with you, we would have to disavow him.”

The name of the woman has not yet been reported by the media. But why not blast the media for something it hasn’t done?

“We don’t need the media putting an extra layer on it and staking out her home,” said Hostin.

Head co-host Whoopi Goldberg concluded: “The world is watching.”

Meghan McCain wasn’t there but took a swipe at Trump… “I will be gone from @TheView tomorrow and Friday. I am going to London to speak @HouseofCommons ⁦‪and then to accept the Magnitsky award on behalf of my father and all who continue the fight against Putin’s tyrannous KGB dictatorship.”

The ladies of ‘The View’ might have a reason to relax 

“I spoke with Avenatti’s wife on the phone. ‘I haven’t see Michael in months. It’s a complete fabrication,’ she said. ‘Bruises on my face? It is insanity. He wouldn’t hit anybody. Especially a woman. He’s got two daughters.'” — MJ Lee, CNN.

Nate Silver never liked Avenatti

“Avenatti was bad news from day 1.” — Nate Silver, EIC, FiveThirtyEight.

Journo wants prayers for his haunted friend 

“A Catholic friend today is to undergo an exorcism at 3:30 Eastern. She has been through all the psychiatric diagnostics the Church requires. This is real. This is a horrifying situation, like something out of the movies. Her husband asked me to beg your prayers.” — Rod Dreher, American Conservative Magazine.

GOP consultant recalls his ‘date’ with Sarah Silverman 

Comedian Sarah Silverman will appear on The View Monday.

Silverman recently went on a “date” with GOP political consultant and CNN contributor Doug Heye. It’s safe to say neither voted for President Trump. So at least they had that going for them. But spoiler alert: No, there won’t be a second date. Heye remarked to WaPo, “This was my third date of the year, and it was a fake one for Hulu.”

You can watch the date on Hulu.

Heye debriefed with The Mirror: 

What were your impressions? “She was great – could not have been more charming. Obviously I knew she was funny, but she’s also really quick. And I was impressed with how much she listened. That shouldn’t have been a surprise. I was already a fan of the show, in large part because she treats the people she disagrees with as much kindness and respect as she does humor.”

“That’s a conversation we need a lot more of in the country these days, especially with those we’re not eye to eye with. Sarah has an important voice, and she found a winning formula to use it.”

Asked if she’s funny when the cameras aren’t rolling: “We spent about a half hour off camera. Again, delightful. We bonded a little bit over 70s trivia. Also, she does a mean Thurston Howell III.”

WaPo‘s Wemple Both Sides the CNN Situation 

“So: Government case really boils down to an argument that @Acosta is rude and disruptive and thus can have his pass revoked — by a thoroughly rude and disruptive man.” — Erik Wemple, WaPo media who allegedly “reports” news. (Just for the hell of it, here’s a clip about his appearance as well as his infamous appearance on FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”)

ABC’s Whoopi reasoned… “The bottom line is the press’s job is to press you. It’s their job. They’re not always nice and neither are you. So let’s put it in perspective.”

If CNN loses… 

“The problem if Acosta loses is that a precedent would be set which would allow a White House full latitude to boot reporters for any reason or no reason at all. That would not be beneficial in any way to the American people.” — Everett Will, DCA Bloob.

SCARY: Suspected pipe bomber searched this reporter’s name 

“Surreal moment: I just got a visit from two special agents for the FBI who informed me that Cesar Sayoc, the suspected pipe bomber, conducted searches of my name before he was arrested. Fellow reporters, be vigilant!” — Jenny Jarvie, Atlanta-based reporter for the Los Angeles Times.

Writer skips cable news to watch Monty Python 

“Decided to skip my usual dose of morning cable news and instead watch Monty Python’s Flying Circus on Netflix, which honestly is more coherent and makes more sense.” — Alex Parker, Law360.

Gossip Roundup

TMZ: Good God, Stormy Daniels visits Oxford University. Here.

NYP’s Page Six: Poor Khloé Kardashian had to cope with the pitfalls of her fame as she delivered birth after learning that her baby daddy had cheated on her. Here. On a positive note, just six months after giving birth, she fits into tiny string bikini bottoms.

Splinter News: A Daily Caller reporter chases down a new senator to pose questions. Somehow Splinter finds this deplorable. Here. Everyone makes mistakes. The Splinter story spells the new senator’s name wrong in the lede. It’s KYRSTEN SINEMA. See The Daily Caller‘s story here. See Splinter‘s fuckup below:

Tweeting While Parenting 

“If your child’s school’s phone number isn’t saved in your phone as ‘Goddamnit What Now’, are you even a parent?” Krystle Schoonveld, occasional contributor, The Federalist.

To Joe and Mika: I’m sorry! (not me, this guy) 

“I owe @morningmika and @JoeNBC an apology. Last week I criticized them for not including Young Kim among historic female midterm winners. The race may still go her way but she also may lose. I made a poor presumption based on info at that time. My apologies to you both.” — Jay Caruso, editorial writer, Dallas Morning News.

A Day in a Journalist’s Life 

“I have been, basically, rewriting the same 1500 words over and over again in ways both subtle and dramatic and i would like to get off this ride now please.” — Joshua Rivera, GQ Mag.

Deep Thoughts With Ben Dreyfuss at 1 a.m. 

“Not to be all earnest at 1am but this really is true—& it has deeply informed the way I think about Twitter, a very flawed social media network that is amazing and revolutionary, which I’ll always owe not only my career but also most of the friendships I’ve made as an adult.”

Ben Dreyfuss, editorial director for growth and strategy of Mother Jones, avid SoulCyclist.

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