Bryce Harper Gives Cryptic Hint About Where He May End Up

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Jena Greene Reporter
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In case you haven’t been paying attention, Bryce Harper is a free agent.

And the former Washington Nationals right fielder is about to get paid — like, upwards-of-$400-million kind of paid.

It seems like everybody in sports media has everything from insider information to ballpark guesstimates about where he might land after his time with Washington.

For example, those familiar with his personal life know his dog’s name is Wrigley, so they might guess Chicago. (RELATED: MLB Star Turns Down Jaw Dropping Contract Offer)


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Plus, his wife’s Instagram is filled with Chicago references:


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Bean there.

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And today, TMZ reporters caught Harper at LAX — since the MLB superstar spends some of his offseason in the LA area — and asked him if he had any thoughts about where he wants his new home to be.

Harper stayed mum on actual details about contracts he may or may not be mulling over, but he waxed poetic when he was asked which potential cities had the best food.

“Favorite food? Probably Chicago,” he answered. “They got great food. I like this place called Steak 48, it’s really good. Deep dish, of course. Anywhere in New York of course you know you can always go out there and eat good food. That’s huge for us.”


So that’s another vote for Chicago. Keep an eye on the White Sox or the Cubs, but if I had to approximate it, I’d say he probably wants a spot on the Cubs’ roster. Seeing as they’re the 2016 champs and all.

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