CNN Anchor John King Says Only Hope For Dems In Florida Is To Convince Courts To ‘Bend The Letter Of The Law’

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CNN anchor John King said Thursday that the only hope for Democrats in Florida hoping to shift the Senate and gubernatorial races in their direction was to convince the courts to “bend the letter of the law.”


King began his midday “Inside Politics” segment by documenting the dire situation Democrats face in Florida recounts where their candidates are already significantly behind.

“Today questions of time and votes in Florida,” King said. “The deadline to stop the machine recount now just hours away. Palm Beach County looks certain to miss it. Also this morning, more signs of what you might call counting creep. A judge ruled Florida voters with signature discrepancies now have until Saturday to validate their ballots. The rule — ruling adds about 4,000 total votes to over eight million cast. Now, that’s a small number. So small that even if every one of those was validated and broke for the Democrat, be too small of a number to erase the Republican lead in the Senate race.”

The CNN host then laid out what he saw as the only “hope for Democrats” — convincing courts that have already done so to “bend the letter of the law” again.  (RELATED: Here’s Exactly How Many Votes Andrew Gillum Gained After Dust Settled In Florida Recount)

“The hope now for Democrats though is that the court has already shown its willingness to overlook or bend the letter of the law and that would do so again,” he said before launching into an interview with correspondent Ed Lavandera.

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