Kanye West Gets Together With Mark Zuckerberg To Perform A Little Karaoke


David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Mark Zuckerberg apparently got together with Kanye West to do a little karaoke.

The star rapper tweeted out a photo late Wednesday night of himself with the Facebook founder singing to the Backstreet Boys, which seems like the perfect plan for Zuckerberg to prove he’s not a robot.

I would give so much money to be in a room with these two guys. They’re both extremely enigmatic and people constantly talk about their lives. I think people are under the impression they’re in some top-secret lair planning world domination. (RELATED: FLASHBACK: ‘The Social Network’ Is One Of The Greatest Movies Ever Made)

In reality, they just singing a little Backstreet Boys. Just two totally normal dudes hanging out being friends.

Can you even imagine what these two would talk about? One of them is a genius, and the other one thinks he’s a genius. I’ll leave it to you guys in order to figure out which is which.

Either way, I’m so glad we live in a universe where Mark Zuckerberg spends his free time signing karaoke with one of the greatest rappers ever. That’s what America is all about.


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God bless the internet for bringing this kind of joy into our lives!

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