Nick Saban Gives Golden Response When Asked About Outside Noise Surrounding Alabama

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Alabama football coach Nick Saban made it clear he doesn’t have one second to waste on listening to outside critiques of his team.

Saban said the following when discussing criticism and noise around the team during a recent press conference:

I’d don’t have internet. I don’t have Twitter. I don’t read the paper. So, I don’t know. You have to be more specific. Is there something more specific? I should have asked you that to start with, but I really don’t care to be honest with you. 

You can watch a full video of the exchange below.

This is why you have to respect Saban so much. You think he has time to read stuff on the internet or doubt it? Hell no. (RELATED: The Latest College Football AP Poll Is Here. Do You Agree With Number Three?)

Saban didn’t win six national titles by giving a damn what people on Twitter had to say about him. He did it by being arguably the greatest coach in the history of college football. You don’t ascend to that level by letting outsiders coach your team.

You get to that level by simply electing to kick ass.

I’d like to believe the legendary Alabama coach just locks himself inside a dark room every day of the year breaking down film and game planning. He comes out every few days to get some food and to remember there are still other humans out there.

Other than that, we all know Saban is nothing but business.

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