What NHL Star Does After Getting His Tooth Knocked Out Proves The Toughness Of Hockey Players

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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St. Louis Blues star Vladimir Tarasenko had an incredible reaction to getting his tooth knocked out Wednesday night.

The Russian-born forward took a stick to the mouth against the Chicago Blackhawks, and his tooth quickly hit the ice. Did he complain? Did he moan and whine like an NBA player would have?

Not at all. He reached down and picked it up like it was not a big deal at all. That’s NHL toughness. Watch it below. (RELATED: You Should Leave The Country If You Don’t Love The Movie ‘Miracle’)

Hockey players are tough as hell. There’s simply no other way around it. Guys who play a sport on sharp blades are just inherently tough individuals.

NFL players are tough too, but last time I checked punters and kickers aren’t running around throwing punches and getting teeth knocked out. Every single player in the NHL will scrap if it comes to it.

At the very least, they’ll act like losing a tooth is just another day in the life. Hell, it’s almost a badge of honor.


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Next time you see an NFL player or a guy in the NBA complain about a little scratch, just remember this video.

The dude picked up his own tooth like it was no big deal at all. Welcome to the NHL, ladies and gentlemen.

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